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A strong partner of the industry since 1990

Since 1990, ENERCO is active in the production of low-ash carbon products. For more than three decades, ENERCO imports  about 2,5 million tons per annum of carbon from overseas. To guarantee a homogeneous quality of its products, ENERCO purchases most raw materials from trusted, long-term sources. 

To ensure a regular flow of material to its production facilities, ENERCO charters its own sea vessels. Incoming materials are unloaded and screened at ENERCO’s modern screening plants. Upgrading is then carried out in state-of-the-art processing facilities in Flushing, Born and Rotterdam where the materials are processed into high-quality ENERCO brands with precisely the grain size and ash content formulated for the different applications.

ENERCO's brands have the best suitable quality characteristics that meet the needs of its customers. The application-oriented high quality of ENERCO’s brands, coupled with the cost effectiveness of sophisticated production and logistics concepts, benefit ENERCO’s customers worldwide: in Scandinavia just as in Spain and France, in Canada just as in Asia and Africa.

“We care about our environment”

Ton Richelle | Managing director
ENERCO is dedicated to a meaningful use of valuable resources and to prevent undue damage to the environment. This applies not only to the product itself but also to the energy and consumables used in our production processes. Our aim is to minimize waste and to maximize re-utilization of materials wherever possible. 

ENERCO firmly supports integrated environmental protection. Employing environmentally compatible production processes not only means ensuring compliance with current regulatory targets, but also to constantly improve our internal standards. There is a constant focus on improving our processes and the quality of end products, directing our attention to efficiency and the reduction of our CO²-footprint. 

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