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We enable our partners to make to most efficient use of natural carbon so they can create cutting edge technology

ENERCO co-operates closely with its customers in the investigation of the efficiency of new coal grades and products. ENERCO uses its expertise and extensive experience to harmonise product-specific characteristics with application-specific targets of its customers.

To maintain the consistent quality standard required by its customers, ENERCO performs careful quality analyses prior to mining, loading and shipment. Long-term purchasing contracts guarantee ENERCO the most economic terms of delivery. This is the basis upon which ENERCO can offer its high quality products on competitive conditions.

It is ENERCO’s goal to develop products with the chemical and physical composition to match precisely the product specifications of the customer. With this, ENERCO is well positioned to provide the industry with products that guarantee optimum productivity while making economic use of energy sources and raw materials.
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“Enerco focusses on the production of low-ash carbon products mainly to be used in the silicon and ferro-silicon industry. Silicon metal plays an important role in the aluminium, chemical, electronic as well as an increasing role in the solar industry.”

Solar panels

Silicon metal of the purest quality is an inevitable ingredient for the production of solar panels.

Computer chips

Silicon metal is used in the production of computer chips. Microchips are everywhere and it is nearly impossible to imagine a world without them.  

Rechargeable batteries

Silicon-based anodes can be used in certain types of rechargeable batteries, which is a rather new and promising development.

Daily household consumables

Silicon metal is a key ingredient in the production of silicones and forms the basis for more than 7.000 different products. Silicones are widely used in daily household consumables such as toothpaste, lipstick, facial creams and other cosmetic care products but also in baking pans, rubber gloves and many more.

Construction materials

As a key ingredient in different construction materials such as concrete, sealants, adhesives and coatings, silicon metal plays an important role in the building sector.

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