Know-how ensures quality –
Complex services from one source

ENERCO imports presently more than 2,5 million tons per annum of coal from overseas, most under long-term contract from South-America. The coal’s high reactivity represents a logistical challenge, as ENERCO has to transship, prepare, process and market the coal without delays.

Incoming materials are unloaded and screened immediately at ENERCO’s modern terminals equipped with mobile cranes and pre-screening plants. Upgrading is then carried out in state of the art processing facilities in Amsterdam, Born and Flushing where the pre-treated raw materials are processed into the specific high-quality ENERCO coal brands with precisely the grain size and ash content formulated for the different brands.

These coal brands have the best suited quality features that meet the needs of the customers. The application-oriented high quality level of ENERCO’s coal brands, coupled with the cost effectiveness of sophisticated production and logistics concepts, benefit ENERCO’s customers worldwide: in Scandinavia just as in Spain and France, in Canada just as in Asia and Africa.